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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sometimes I Feel I Want To Find Some Peacefullness

Noor Hayati | 10:15 am | 0Comments |

When talking bout holiday , most of my friends are going to somewhere interesting place . But me ? I'm just sit in house :[ Nothing to do and feel so bored . Sometime i just want to find a peacefullness at somewhere that interesting places . But , where ? With who ? Feel so bored . Huh . 

Rsa mcm mau je kuar ngan kengkawan p shopping mall , or shouting like a freak person in Kbox ! HOHOHO .. I do really know most of u mesti ska kan p Kbox pas tu teriak2 mcm org gila or melepaskan sgala kedukaan n kesedihan d dlm hati . HAHA . Same like u too . Ak mmg ska singing and ska challenge myself to bring lagu2 yg tune tnggi mcm Ziana Zain and Ct Nur Haliza . Yeahh . Itu la aku . Bahaha . I just want to sing in private places , ngee .. Malu laa nyani dpn org ramai . Bhahaha .. 

Tapi..rasanya for this time tak de bajet laa nak kuo . Huhu . Sabar je la . Its better if i just spend my time with study in library . Betul tak ? Lagi bgus . Hehe .. Next tiem je laa kuo nga kengkawan . But , i do really miss them !
Huhuh .. 

Thank you for coming : )

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