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Friday, 13 January 2017

Sensory Intergration Therapy For Kids

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What is sensory intergration activity ? Apa itu aktiviti  intergrasi deria? SI adalah indicator kepada kanak-kanak tersebut dimana mereka perlu  mengharungi cabaran secara maksimum sejak dari lahir lagi. As we know, basically there are 5 sensory : tactile/ touch, smell, vision, hear and taste.  Another most components are tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular. As we know, children develop through their surrounding. Contoh yang mudah, sebelum kanak-kanak tu learn how to walk, they need to learn step by step from crawling, creeping, sitting until standing right? In order to learn, they have through pain, crying, but they will never give up to learn until they able to do so.Same goes what i explained just now, they need to feel perubahan yang mereka alami dengan cabaran yang mereka perlu alami. Falling, terhentak, terduduk, menangis semua tu normal untuk development seorang kanak-kanak tersebut.

 Yaa, i know maybe most of parents afraid of their children jatuh, tersungkur, tersangkut semnua tu , but that is how their develop. But the poorest thing is bila parents kids tu tak bagi chance untuk kids  tu belajar and develop  Let say, budak tu try to stand for example, but their parents keep putting their child kat baby walker for prolonged time sebab bagi budak tu cepat jalan. Bukan tak boleh, but they need to feel free too. Kita pun boleh stress kalau kena kurung, apa lagi budak-budak kan. If possible, kurangkan lah. 

Nowadays, children more dijinakkan dengan gadget. I'm not saying that i disagree with that things, but at least kurangkan, lebih baik jauhi. Because children will spend their time with playing games almost all the time or watching cartoon. This will tend their children to have visual problem at early stage. Tak kesian ke tengok anak-anak kecil dah pakai spek mata kan? And some children will tend to be hyperactive or hypoactive. ADHD, Autism. Either because their craving for the sensory or hypersensitive to the sensory. 

So, if possible try to exposed anak-anak with their surrounding. Banyak aktiviti yg boleh kita lakukan to improve their sensory. Contohnya seperti di bawah :

Image result for sensory activities

Yg ni adalah tactile activity or aktiviti deria sentuhan. Ask the child to copy or tekap water color  by using their hand instead of using brush to let they feel the sense of water. In some case for children with hypersenstive dorang akan refuse to join sebab sensitive dengan sticky things. Meanwhile for children with hypo, dorang lebih suka messy play sebab dorang craving for the sense. 

Ada banyak lagi aktiviti antaranya :

Image result for vestibular activities

Vestibular activity - Yg ni untuk balance. Boleh bagi dorang main swing. 

Image result for visual activity

Visual activity - Boleh bagi flashcard with different size, shape and color objects to improve their visual. 

Image result for olfactory activity

Olfactory (bau) activity - Yang ni boleh bagi child hidu bau yg berbeza-beza and paling senang adalah hidu bau makanan. For more interesting, ask they to guess what kind of smell with their eyes occluded/close. 

 Image result for auditory activity

Auditory (pendengaran) activity - Kita boleh list of things then suruh dorang repeat again. Grading dari 3 benda to 5 things, then tambah bila dorang boleh repeat. But, dont force the child to give more instruction. 

Image result for proprioceptive activity
Proprioceptive activity - Di mana ia memerlukan movement of limbs supaya child can feel and aware  of their movement. Banyak lagi contoh aktiviti yg kita boleh ajar. 

Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya aktiviti yg kita boleh lakukan without using gadget. Try to avoid child to spend their whole time with playing gadget. As a learning, gadget is most interesting ways and effective for child to learn. Tapi kalau dah tiap masa nak tengok cartoon or playing games sampai menangis-nangis until tend to aggressive tu memang dah teruk sangat dah tu. Try to give limit for their advantage and future. 

Okay, sampai sini saja my sharing info yg seberapa based in learning in class and knwoledge, if there's anything to ask, just ask me. Ohh ya, wish me luck for my clinical paediatric on March yaaa. Nebess kayy. Haha. 
Thank you :)

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